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Elizabeth Costa Dias

DOI: 10.5327/Z16794435201917S1EDT

We are glad to share with you, participants in the 17th National Association of Occupational Medicine Conference — ANAMT 2019 — this special issue of Brazilian Journal of Occupational Medicine (RBMT), which includes significant records of the conference technical-scientific program.

I would like to begin by observing that the Conference program is the fruit of the joint work of the Scientific Committee. Composed of experts in various fields of activity within occupational medicine, the Committee represents several generations of physicians who practice occupational medicine in such a large and diversified country as ours.

The backbone for our work was provided by the list of core competencies for occupational medicine practice updated in 2018. The guiding lines, in turn, were taken from a word cloud created in a qualitative study performed with several members of ANAMT, as well as from the Conference theme: "Essential values facing the transformations of work, today and tomorrow." The outcome of this collective effort is a complex, dense and diversified program to promote and facilitate discussions on the various areas of interest and practice of occupational medicine in Brazil.

ANAMT 17th Conference signals the end of the term of the current ANAMT Executive Board (2016–2019) and represents the corollary of its commitment to strive for occupational medicine to be ever more appreciated in several regards, more especially continuing education and training. Staying up-to-date is particularly relevant in times characterized by radical changes in the world of work, production technologies, labor management and social protection policies. Innovative solutions to old problems (often already solved in the so-called developed countries) are needed, as well attitude in the face of new challenges in work environments, processes and aspects demanding attention, in addition to changes in the legislation and regulations which define the practice of occupational medicine.

This special issue of our RBMT, which gained a new face and social representation in the past three years, brings the scientific fruit of the Conference, including extended abstracts of lectures to be delivered in plenary and semi-plenary sessions. Similarly, it includes the experience of the participants who submitted abstracts of scientific studies and will present their results, discussions and conclusions along the meeting.

ANAMT is a young lady, which in 2019 celebrates her 51st anniversary. Our Association embodies the concrete expression of the dreams and endeavors of its proponents and founders, to whom we owe the recognition and honor they deserve. However, ours are liquids times, of much uncertainty and a complex context of transformations, of which we need to be aware to be able to change. Encouraging the production of the best possible technical-scientific knowledge is necessary for us to take a stance as physicians committed to the promotion, protection and recovery of the health of Brazilian workers. Such commitment should impel us to construct a future better than our present. Essential values might guide and encourage us to remain together building a happier life and a fairer world, one in which work can truly be a means of living and of personal and social accomplishment.

Enjoy! Take this opportunity! Learn and share your experience! Let ANAMT 2019 Conference be, indeed, a time of learning, sharing and renewing the hope that a different and better world is possible!


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